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Which HiFiMan Headphones are the best in 2023? [TOP 5 COMPARED]

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The HiFiMan is a Chinese electronics brand including headphones, earphones, amplifiers, DAC, and portable audio players, founded by Dr. Fang Bian in late 2005. They’re specialists in high-fidelity planar magnetic and electrostatic headphones.

HiFiMan has always been one of the most popular brands for high-end audio products with high-fidelity full-size over-ear audiophile headphones in wireless & wired technology.

So if you’re looking to buy the best HiFiMan headphones to upgrade your audiophile system, you’re in the right place to pick your ultimate new audiophile headphones today.

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In this definitive guide, you’ll find the Top 5 HiFiMan headphones review and comparison to pick the desired one you were looking for today.

So let’s get started to find the best. 🎧

What are the Best HiFiMan Headphones?

Here are the top five HiFiMan headphones you can consider in 2023.

1. HiFiMan SUSVARA: The Best Audiophiles Headphones

Best HiFiMan Headphones is Susvara: The best audiophiles planar magnetic headphones in the world
HiFiMan Susvara Planar Magnetic Headphones

View on HiFiMan’s Official Shop

The Susvara is not only the best HiFiMan headphones, but It’s also the best audiophile headphones around the world. Industry top high-end audiophile headphones for advanced audiophilia systems and other professionals who can afford them.

[Note! Two options are available only for better than SUSVARA, the HiFiMans’ SHANGRI-LA senior + Amp and Sennheiser HE 1 + Amp. Both of these cost you over 50 grand].

Hifiman’s Susvara is a flagship premium planar magnetic headphone that price is $6000 both on the HiFiMan official store and Amazon. Their big competitors are Audeze LCD-4, Focal Utopia, and their own SHANGRI-LA jr Electrostatic headphones, available at a $4000 price range. So you can imagine how expensive Susvara is and the overall quality? Brilliant!

Headfonics owner Marcus has written a complete review of Susvara for an in-depth review, and you can see their official independent review sponsored by HiFiMan.

Closer look on HiFiMan SUSVARA:

After testing from our side, It’s an audiophile’s dream headphones; however, they’re expensive!

The exhaustless sound quality and straightforward bass. The overall sound is slightly lighter than the Audeze LC-4 with a Schiit Modi 3 D/A Converter – Delta-Sigma pure DAC, but it touched so much deeper inside the head in its instrumental tone vocal pitch. Otherhand Susvara is 2 times more lightweight than Audeze headphones, especially for LCD-4/4z.

Pure, stronger & sharper soundstage is the fundamental thought before picking a perfect pair of audiophiles headphones for an expensive budget. I highly recommend you buy the “HiFiMan top headphones SUSVARA” If you’re on the same budget as value.

Let’s see the YouTube video review:

HiFiMAN Susvara Review

Top HiFiMan Headphones

  • Premium planar magnetic technology
  • Full-size over-ear custom fitting
  • Ergonomic design & steel headband
  • Most comfortable & lightweight
  • Premium build quality
  • Stealth magnets
  • Comprehensive bass
  • Balanced musical soundstage
  • Pure, harmonious sound
  • Transparent clearance voice
  • Ultrafine diaphragm
  • Expensive
  • Nothing technical issues found

The Verdict:

If you want to buy the best HiFiMan headphones, the SUSVARA is for you. The best planar magnetic headphones worldwide for their sound, not for the price. Otherwise, If you’re looking for the best HiFiMan headphones on a budget Arya should be your choice.

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2. SHANGRI-LA jr: Best HiFiMan Electrostatic Headphones

Best HiFiMan electrostatic headphones: SHANGRI-LA jr
HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA jr Electrostatic Headphones

View on HiFiMan

SHANGRI-LA jr is the best electrostatic headphones from the HiFiMan brand worldwide. Great looking and powerful sound quality headphones with ultra-comfort earcups for listening to a long duration of rock, jazz, instrumental, classics, electronics, and trance music. Also great for studio recordings and music production labels.

HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA jr is still better than Focal Utopia and STAX SR-009S for $4000 budget headphones. However, in this budget, Audeze LCD-4z is slightly better for its gaming sounds and listening to music without any DAC or amplifier, as they’re built with 16 ohms, and the SHANGRI-LA jr has 32 ohms. Lastly, It sounds great with their SHANGRI-LA jr hybrid amplifier or any other good quality DAC/Amp.

A closer look at HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA jr:

The Shangri-La jr. electrostatic headphones, including a cylinder amplifier, come near the best sound frameworks I have heard by my friend’s pair, including HiFiMan’s own Shangri-La and Sennheiser’s HE 1.

Both of those are strong contenders that cost over $50k for best-in-class audiophile systems around the world. You can’t find any better than these pairs. However-

My particular recommendation to you is, If you’re going with an amplifier, the SHANGRI-LA JR Electrostatic Headphone and Tube Amplifier (Official Build) is for you; it costs you eight thousand bucks and saves you a lot! These are the dream combination for a new audiophile setup for under $10000.

HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA jr Audiophile Setup Review from CanJam show

Bes-Budget High-End Audiophile Setup

  • Top electrostatic headphones
  • Best-Budget high-end system
  • Transparent sound clarity
  • Tight & elastic bass
  • Premium build quality
  • Excellent open-back architecture
  • True amplifier setup
  • Zero audible distortion
  • Nano-particle coated diaphragm
  • Low impedance & high frequency
  • Rich, clean sound & fast response
  • Compact design & extremely comfortable
  • I didn’t get anything to say

My Opinion:

Now it’s your turn to upgrade your audiophile system with the new and improved technology of Shangri-La jr. electrostatic headphones for highly musical and pure audiophile headphones and amplifiers. The Junior’s headphones are available for $4000 and the amplifier for $5000. You can buy these separately, and the combo pack is now available for an $8000 deal.

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3. HiFiMan ARYA: Best Planar Magnetic Headphones under $2000

HiFiMan Arya is the best planar magnetic headphones under 2000 dollars
HiFiMan Arya Planar Magnetic Headphones

View on HiFiMan

HiFiMan Arya is the best and most popular planar magnetic headphone in the audiophile industry for its best-sounding capability for an affordable budget, under the $2000 price range. Extremely fast and premium open-back headphones designed with metal, high-quality plastic, and pure leather ear cups ensure a comfortable environment for listening to powerful music on every music player.

They’re designed for clear sound and are disappointing for mixed-use because of their open-back and larger size plan. Not suitable and uncomfortable for online activity, commuting, or office use as they don’t have a built-in mic and are not easy to drive—only great for audiophile listening and HiFi audio reproduction with well-balanced sound and a spacious soundstage.

A closer look at HiFiMan Arya:

Excellent design with noticeable impressive soundstage, who loved the in-depth, real-world surrounding sound performance. While I discovered its recurrence reaction sensibly pleasing generally, I had a few minor issues that I wound up needing to EQ out for too much energy and more sounds.

The sound and precision would be much better with the HM1000 Portable and the amazing TOPPING D70s DAC. These imparted an extra sense of energy and clarity for pure audiophile experience and studio recordings, but this was right on the edge of being too hot after an hour of listening.

Finally, HiFiMan Arya is the priority in building a new audiophile system for mid-range buyers under $3000 with a DAC or amplifier. Josh Valour completed his brilliant audiophile system for $2,700, including Arya.

HiFiMan Arya Audiophile System Review

The complete audiophile system for $2700

  • Budget-friendly planar headphones
  • Nanometer thickness diaphragm
  • Advanced asymmetrical magnet
  • Optimized open-back design
  • Premium quality materials
  • Portable listening experience
  • Clean & neutral soundstage
  • Incredible Hi-Fi sounding
  • Distortion-free listening
  • Sheerness design & comfortable
  • It doesn’t have a built-in mic
  • Good but not the best

Final Thought:

If you’re looking to buy the best HiFiMan headphones for mixing with a good quality DAC, the Arya is for you. It’s the most critically acclaimed planar magnetic headphones with state-of-the-art driver technology and a breathtakingly open soundstage—highly recommended HiFiMan headphones on a budget.

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4. ANANDA-BT: Best HiFiMan Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

HiFiMan ANANDA-BT Planar Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones

View on HiFiMan

The HiFiMan ANANDA-BT is the Bluetooth version of the HiFiMan Ananda, with new and improved technology than the wired version including high-performance dedicated amplification, and it supports aptX SBC as well as aptX HD, which is integrated for high-quality lossless audio.

They sound clear, have punchy bass and detailed sound, and are familiar with fair warmth. The headset does heaps of things accurately, and I, for one, couldn’t track down an undeniable shortcoming in its introduction, considering it being a remote headphone.

A closer look at HiFiMan Ananda Bluetooth:

They’ve one more good quality cheap HiFiMan headphones with good quality, which are called HiFiMan Deva, for advanced active wireless Bluetooth audiophile headphones with Bluemini for $300 when I’m writing. And wired HE400i and Drop + HIFIMAN HE4XX are solid at low prices.

Overall, Ananda-BT has unbiased and well-balanced audio reproduction sound suitable for audiophiles listening to most music genres. Like most, the planar magnetic wireless Bluetooth lacks a built-in DAC and balanced amplifier technology. The best planar magnetic headphones for $1000.

They also have a detachable boom microphone for communicating with your teammates, gaming, or office use, but remember this can make your voice thin, distorted, or unnatural when connected.

HiFiMan Ananda-BT Review

BEST sounding Bluetooth headphones

  • Planar magnetic Bluetooth drivers
  • APTX-HD, HWA, and LDAC
  • Full-size over-ear headphone
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Accessories include
  • Open-back design
  • Ultra-comfortable headset
  • Integrated high-quality DAC
  • Powerful balanced amplifier
  • Fast, balanced, and neutral sound
  • Multi compatibility connections
  • Audio optimized software
  • Great noise reduction filter
  • Excellent sound quality headphones
  • No volume control on the headphones
  • Not compatible with PS4 or Xbox One

The Decision:

Suppose you’re looking for an ergonomic design, dependable build quality, portable audio, and the best wireless Bluetooth connection headphones from HiFiMan with solid bass and premium quality sounds. In that case, the Ananda-BT makes a lot of sense. The world’s highest audio quality planar magnetic Bluetooth headphones at an affordable price.

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5. SUNDARA: Best HiFiMan Gaming Headset

Best HiFiMan Gaming Headset: Sundara Review
HiFiMan Sundara Planar Magnetic Headphones

View on HiFiMan

Sundara is the best planar magnetic gaming headset from the HiFiMan brand. The great-looking and gaming-optimized open-back design with a highly comfortable headband and overall lightweight headset without any hassle of moving. They’re not only good for gaming but also great for listening to music.

The best option for those under the $350 budget on the planet, both in dynamic and planar drivers. But they didn’t provide many accessories with this model, just the connecting wires and a quarter-inch adapter to go with it. Maybe they change their policy anytime. However, it is still worth getting for gaming and is better than other gaming headsets I’ve reviewed.

The final look on HiFiMan Sundara for Gaming:

For gaming, you need to consider open-back or open-air headphones for real-world gaming sounds because air can flow through the earcup, and the sound is lighter, more natural, has better stereo imaging, and is more transparent than closed-back headphones. So you know how Sundara is perfect for gaming.

The best thing you can drive Sundara with your PC, iPhone /Android, PS4, and Xbox One controllers by connecting a compatible balanced cable (3.5mm connectors / 1/8” with a 1/4” adapter). And the bad thing is you can’t use an in-line remote/microphone when connected with a 1/8TRS audio cable as they only support audio output. To solve this, follow the method below If you’re serious about gaming.

You need an extra boom mic, recommended V-MODA BoomPro Microphone for Gaming & Communication. I think that only has a single 3 channel 3.5mm plug for both audio channels and mic, with a mic and audio splitter that comes with it hope the 2-3 channels enough for you.

Tanmoy Kumar Shapu

Otherwise, you may consider other gaming headphones, including:

HiFiMan Ananda Wireless Bluetooth is also great for gaming with any platform as it already has a detachable boom microphone and supports maximum compatibility. You may think about it If you want to keep with HiFiMan for Gaming and Music.

HiFiMan Sundara Review

Open-back planar magnetic headphones

  • Planar magnetic technology
  • Open-back design
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Most comfortable & lightweight
  • Immersive gaming sounds
  • Faster and detailed soundstage
  • Multi compatible headset
  • Better build quality
  • Optimized for a long time playing
  • Best-Budget planar headphones
  • Can’t reduce outdoor noise


If you were looking for a perfect pair of HiFiMan headphones under the $500 budget, then we believe the Sundara would probably be your first choice. They have excellent sound quality for listening and audiophile gaming than their HE series headphones at the same budget. Lastly, I would recommend you to buy it on a budget.

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Compare HiFiMan headphones

Let’s see the comparison between HiFiMan Susvara vs. SHANGRI-LA jr vs. Arya vs. Ananda-BT vs. Sundara.

HiFiMan Susvara Comparison HiFiMan SHANGRI LA jr Comparison HiFiMan Arya Compared HiFiMan Ananda BT Compare HiFiMan Sundara Versus
Headphones Type: Open-Back Planar Open-Back Electrostatic Open-Back Planar Open-Back Planar Open-Back Planar
Weight: 450 grams (15.9 oz.) 374 grams (13.19 oz.) 404 grams (14.25 oz.) 460 grams (including microphone & cable.) 372 grams (13.12 oz.)
Sensitivity: 6Hz-75kHz 7Hz-120kHz 8Hz-65kHz 8Hz-55kHz 6Hz-75kHz
Impedance: 60 ohms 32 ohms 35 ohms 35 ohms 37 ohms
Cable & Connections: 3.5mm/6.35mm and 4-pin XLR connector 5-pin male connector (Stax 5 pin connector and uses pro bias (580V) so SHANGRI-LA jr and any STAX amplifier will work) 3.5mm male & 6.35mm adapter to 2x 3.5mm jack male Bluetooth, a type C to type C nylon cable and 2 USB cables TRS 3.5mm male & 6.35mm adapter to 2x 3.5mm jack male
Special Features: Top-of-the-line sound. (Transparent & detailed) Headphone and Amplifier (Discount available on bundle pack) Best Value Headphones (Best for mixing and mastering) No need extra AMP, DAC or Cable as it Bluetooth (Excellent design for outdoor) Best for gaming (Lightweight & comfortable)
Our Ratings: (By price & features)
Check Prices: Buy on HiFiMan Buy on Amazon Buy on HiFiMan Buy on Amazon Buy on HiFiMan Buy on Amazon Buy on HiFiMan Buy on Amazon Buy on HiFiMan

Are HiFiMan headphones good?

The HiFiMan headphones are fabulous for critical listening, Hi-Fi audiophile sound reproduction, and use with a professional DAC/amp. They’re a full-size premium planar magnetic headphones brand for exceptional sound quality with high fidelity design. But their earphones are not suitable as headphones for expensive budgets.

Electrostatic vs. planar magnetic headphones

Electrostatic headphones are very similar to planar magnetic headphones in high speed, neutral sounds, sensitivity, and transient response. The difference in planar magnetic drivers is more potent in the low-end department. As a result of the better strength of attractive power over friction-based electricity, the attractive planar diaphragm can move with significantly more force and hammer, likely offering the pack’s best bass reaction.

Other hands, electrostatic drivers offer high accuracy and strikingly low distortion because of the specialist’s straightforwardness. It can be light similar to elements. The seal is vital for electrostatic; without it, they lose sub-bass affectability rapidly.

Are Accessories available for HiFiMan headphones?

Yes, these HiFiMan headphones have accessories available on the HiFiMan accessories page and the Amazon store. Including original model & hybrid headband, earpads, earpad mounting rings, serenity pads, grills with grill retention rings, all types of USB cables, S/P DIF Input/RCA Line in-out cables, 3.5mm/6.3mm cables, and travel case.

Best HiFiMan headphones deal right now:

There are many saving options available to grab the best HiFiMan headphones deals as your needs instead of buying an amplifier and headphones separately from other third-party stores or products.

So let’s take a deeper look.

in stock
June 6, 2023 12:49 am
Amazon Amazon.com
in stock
June 6, 2023 12:49 am
Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: June 6, 2023 12:49 am

These official bundle packs and some great expensive alternative budget picks make you happy, and they always allow you free returns and free shipping.


Finally, you’re done! 🙂

Consider HiFiMan SUSVARA If you need the best one.

If money is the priority, Sundara and Ananda-BT are excellent choices for listening to music and gaming on a budget.

Furthermore, If you want to pick your complete audiophile setup, then HiFiMan SHANGRI-LA jr and Arya with recommended DAC or amplifiers is the priority.

Hopefully, you’ve found the next audiophile headphone today you want that will work best for you. I tried to help to find your best HiFiMan headphones for different budgets and purposes.

If you think so, please let me know by leaving a comment below and giving me a star rating to better my next update.

Which HiFiMan audiophiles headphones are you already used to, and which will you try next? Maybe HiFiMan Arya or what.! 😇

Make sure you added it with your bookmark, as I will be updating it regularly to reflect the times. 🤞

Thanks for being with “Headphones Advice” today. I hope we’ll see you again. Best wishes to you always. 🙏


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