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Top 5 Best HyperX Headset for PC Gaming: Reviews & Compared in 2022

Welcome to the Best HyperX Gaming Headset Buying Guide in 2022.

I have seen that most people pay a lot of money for a good pair of gaming headsets. Where good headsets are available at a reasonable price if you know a little bit in advance.

Tanmoy Kumar Shapu – Admin

You can spend around $100 for a solid pair of HyperX gaming headphones with 7.1 surround sound and better build quality compared to other gaming headset brands I’ve reviewed.

So considering our top pick and best HyperX headset gives you the ultimate 7.1 surrounding sounds you want to play with your any PC games and console games with optimized sound for playing any video games, FPS games, listening to music, and watching videos as well.

The Kingston HyperX is a leading gaming gear brand offering the best-quality gaming headsets, microphones, mice & keyboards, memory, and other gaming equipment since 2002, and also HyperX offers free NGENUITY software to personalize all HyperX products.

In this ultimate guide, You’ll find the Top 5 Best HyperX Headset for PC Gaming “Reviews & Comparisons” including Top PC Gaming Accessories – Guides and Recommendations that may help you to build your complete PC Gaming setup as well.

So let’s get started to find the best. 🎧

The 5 Best HyperX Headset in 2022

Top 5 Best HyperX Headset for PC Gaming Reviews

These are my top 5 picks of HyperX headsets that you should consider for your gaming PC.

1. Best HyperX Headset: Cloud Orbit S

Best HyperX Headset: Cloud Orbit S Planar Magnetic Gaming Headset
Best HyperX Headset – Cloud Orbit S Planar Magnetic Gaming Headset

The Cloud Orbit S is the best HyperX headset for PC gaming with an immersive 3D audio video surround sound gaming headset with head tracking technology.

It has been developed with a collab version with the best planar magnetic headset from Audeze and has Waves Nx 3D audio technology for real-world sound in a way that surrounds you with the music, the movie, as a work from home headset or talk to online video calls, video chats, or the gameplay.

The premium quality and fully portable headset come with USB Type A, USB Type C, and 3.5mm (4-pole) cables and includes Head Tracking for the ultimate 3D audio experience. Best for PC gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and to use with Mobile devices.

Let see the YouTube video review:

HyperX Cloud Orbit S Review

The Best Sounding Gaming Headset

  • Audeze planar magnetic technology
  • 100 mm powerful drivers
  • WAVES Nx immersion
  • Head tracking technology
  • Soft earcups
  • Immersive 3D audio gaming sound
  • Super-fast frequency response
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Built-in EQ with HyperX Orbit software
  • Plastic build quality
  • Wired connection only

The Verdict:

If you’re looking to buy the best-sounding gaming headset with a detachable mic and exceptional sound clarity, the HyperX Cloud Orbit S is for you. A perfect pair of gaming headsets for serious gamers who want the most comfortable headphones for playing a long season. The Best HyperX gaming headset you should consider buying.

Buy Cloud Orbit S on Amazon

2. Best HyperX Wireless Headset: Cloud Flight S

Best HyperX Wireless Headset: Cloud Flight S with Wireless Charging for Travel

Cloud Flight S is the best HyperX wireless headset for PC gaming and PS4 console. It’s an upgraded version from Cloud Flight that comes with new improved technology, wireless charging, remappable buttons, indicator, and better surrounding sound for the pretty much same price.

The best thing it has passed for the Qi Certificate for their first free-standing wireless charging gaming headset freedom with up to 30 hours of backup. Perfect teammate for those who late-night gaming marathons, with extra plush memory foam and breathable leatherette comfort, and durable steel sliders to help it stand tough against the daily rigors of regular use.

HyperX Cloud Flight S Review

Best HyperX Wireless Headset

  • True wireless gaming headset
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Qi Certified for wireless charging
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Game and chat audio balance
  • Comfortable and durability
  • 90° rotating earcups
  • Detachable microphone with LED
  • HyperX NGENUITY software controls
  • Best-Budget HyperX wireless headset
  • Slightly poor noise cancellations
  • Lacks on wired connections

Final Thought:

If you’re looking to buy a perfect pair of wireless gaming headsets with virtual 7.1 surround sound and a flexible detachable microphone then It makes sense to buy Cloud Flight S. It’s available at almost half of the price of the Cloud Orbit S headset. The best value for your money.

Buy Cloud Flight S on Amazon

3. Best-Budget HyperX Headset: Cloud II

Best-Budget HyperX Headset: Cloud II gaming

The best-selling Cloud II is the best-budget HyperX headset for PC gaming, PS4, and Xbox one consoles. It has both wired & wireless versions for different budgets. But the wired connection is best for PC gaming.

The available price is under $100 on Amazon, but the sound quality is a very rich and high comfortable gaming headset. Thanks to HyperX to include 7.1 surround sound in this price range.

HyperX Cloud II Unboxing & Review

The Best-Budget HyperX Headset

  • Excellent comfort
  • Sturdy aluminum build quality
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Detachable Noise-cancelling microphone
  • TeamSpeak and Discord certified
  • Most compatible headset
  • Best-Budget HyperX headset
  • Doesn’t have built-in mic monitoring


Hyperx Cloud II is the best Hyperx headset on a budget. The multi-platform compatibility gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound and exceptional music clarity. Built-in mic monitoring has been included with the wireless version. Extremely comfortable and price-worthy gaming headset.

Buy Cloud II on Amazon

4. Best HyperX Noise Cancelling Headphones: Cloud Alpha S

Best HyperX Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones: Cloud Alpha S

Cloud Alpha S is the best noise-canceling gaming headphones from HyperX. It’s most popular in the PC gaming industry for its noise-canceling mic, surrounding sound, and bass adjustment features make that unique and most acclaimed gaming headset with top-rated customer reviews on Amazon.

You can connect it via both a 3.5 mm & USB type A cable with your PC. Activate the surround sound and adjust the game audio and chat balance by using their audio control mixer to bass adjustment and personalize your preferences. Compatible with PC and PS4.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review

Best Quality HyperX Gaming Headset

  • Noise-canceling flexible microphone
  • Dual-chamber drivers
  • Advanced audio control mixer
  • Wear-resistant cable
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Deep bass sound
  • Leatherette and fabric ear cushions
  • Multiple colors available
  • Budget-friendly gaming headset
  • No in-line controls for PS4


If you’re concerned about noise-canceling then It makes sense to buy Cloud Alpha S. The sound quality, build quality, and microphone is better than other HyperX gaming headsets. Otherwise, If you need a wireless headset the Cloud Flight S is for you. Both of these headsets are great for PC gaming.

Buy Alpha S on Amazon

5. Best HyperX Surround Sound PC Headset: Cloud Stinger Core

Best HyperX Surround Sound Headset: Cloud Stinger Core Wireless

Cloud Stinger Core is the best surround-sounding wireless PC gaming headset from HyperX. Extremely lightweight and durable gaming headset with adjustable headband. It can unlock the power of an immersive audio experience with punchy bass on any PC.

The price is around $70 now on Amazon when I’m testing it and the regular price was $80. It contains everything I’ve talked about above such as a noise-canceling microphone, virtual 7.1 surround sound, chatting, audio controls, and the best thing It developed with 16 ohms lower impedance and high-frequency response that would be perfectly fit your PC.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1 Unboxing

Best HyperX Surround Sound Gaming Headset

  • Wireless gaming headset
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Convenient audio controls
  • Adjustable steel sliders
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Immersive gaming sound
  • Best-Budget wireless gaming headset
  • Poor noise cancellations
  • Lower battery life
  • The mic isn’t separable


HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1 Surround sound gaming headset is the best gaming headset for the money. Premium quality sound for the cheap price deal for your gaming PC or listening to music. Highly recommended HyperX wireless PC headset for under $100.

Buy Stinger Core on Amazon

Are HyperX Headsets Good?

The HyperX headsets are good for PC gaming with low-latency gaming sounds. The most comfortable, virtual 7.1 surround sound, detachable noise-canceling microphone, and overall perfect build quality gaming headsets for playing all types of video games with all of these essential features I’ve mentioned are already included with it for you. Finally, the best thing is their price is affordable for beginners to advanced and most compatible for all gaming platforms.

Are Accessories Available for HyperX Headphones?

Yes, HyperX headset’s accessories are available on the market including replaceable earpads, replaceable detachable mic, USB charging cable, PC jack Y-Splitter adapter cable, 3.5mm Auxiliary cable, and HyperX QuadCast – USB condenser professional gaming microphone If you need them.

Which HyperX Headset Should I Buy Wireless or Wired?

Picking a HyperX wireless Bluetooth headset is much more convenient than a wired headphone because it’s wire-free and It can be used both in Bluetooth pairing and 3.5mm AUX audio cable for any device. So it makes sense to buy the best wireless headset from HyperX for PC Gaming is more beneficial than a wired headset.

On the other hand, a HyperX wired headset isn’t bad today for immersive surrounding sound with a lag-free connection, and it has great compatibility with any PC and other devices by USB or 3.5 mm AUX input. So you can plug your 7.1 surround sound card into your PC and connect your 3.5mm audio cable into it to enable noise-cancellation, AGC functionality, and echo cancellation, and either you can connect your headphones by 3.5 mm cable into direct PC or mobile, but they’ll don’t provide you 7.1 virtual surround sound.

These twos are my top recommendations to you for both wired and wireless technology.

HyperX Cloud Flight S vs. Cloud Alpha S

Bottom Line
Best HyperX Wireless Headset: Cloud Flight S
Cloud Flight S (Wireless)
Best for Gaming
Check Price
Bottom Line
HyperX premium 7.1 surrounds sound gaming headset with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.
Detachable microphone with LED mute indicator, up to 30 hours playtime, Game, and chat audio balance, High comfortable, Customizable onboard controls.
Less durability
Best HyperX Noise Cancelling Headphones: Cloud Alpha S
Cloud Alpha S (Wired)
Best for Streaming
Check Price
Bottom Line
HyperX best noise-canceling microphone and 7.1 surround sound headset with a chat mixer and adjustable bass for gaming and streaming.
Detachable noise cancellation mic, Durable aluminum frame, 50mm Dual Chamber drivers, Budget-friendly.
Less comfort

Compare HyperX Headsets

Let see the comparison between all of the best HyperX gaming headphones (Cloud Orbit S vs. Cloud Flight S vs. Cloud II vs. Cloud Alpha S vs. Cloud Stinger Core).

Cloud Orbit S Cloud Flight S Cloud II Cloud Alpha S Cloud Stinger Core
Best HyperX Headset Cloud Orbit S Compare Best HyperX Wireless Headset Cloud Flight S Comparison table Best Budget HyperX Headset HyperX Cloud II Versus Table Best HyperX Noise Cancelling Headset Cloud Alpha S Comparison Best HyperX Surround Sound Headset Cloud Stinger Core 7.1 Wireless Compared
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4 PC, PS4, and PS5 PC, PS4, and Xbox One PC and PS4 PC
Connection Type: (Wired) USB Type C to USB Type A: 3m USB Type C to USB Type C: 1.5m 3.5mm plug (4-pole): 1.2m (Wireless) USB wireless charging adapter (Wired) USB & 1m + 2m extension 3.5mm stereo cable (Wired) USB & 3.5mm plug (4 pole) (Wireless) USB wireless charging adapter
Driver: 100mm planar magnetic drivers 50mm with neodymium magnets 53mm with neodymium magnets 50mm with neodymium magnets 40mm with neodymium magnets
Impedance: Not disclosed (Balanced) 32 ohms 60 ohms 65 ohms 16 ohms
Microphone: Detachable noise cancellation mic with pop filter Detachable microphone with LED mute indicator Detachable Noise-cancelling Microphone Detachable noise cancellation microphone with controls and cable Built-in noise-cancelling microphone (Mic isn’t separable)
7.1 Surround sound?
Game and Chat Balance? Discord chats Discord chats
Special Features: 3D audio with head tracking Customizable onboard controls Advanced audio control box Bass adjustment sliders Convenient audio controls
Our Ratings:
Estimated Price: [Check latest price below] $300 $160 $80 $120 $70
Where to Buy? Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon

Essential PC Gaming Accessories & Equipments

These are my top recommendations for gaming accessories and equipment to complete your dream gaming room setup.

The premium quality 27” IPS display gaming monitor. If you’re a serious gamer and looking for an NVIDIA G-SYNC supported then It’s for you with a real-time response within Millisecond. Interesting? Let check more on Amazon.
Order now to get the discount.
The best all-in-one gaming CPU on a budget. Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3.6GHz (4.2GHz Max Boost) CPU Processor, 500G SSD – Up to 30x Faster Than Traditional HDD. It has built with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB GDDR5 Video Card and 16 GB Gaming Memory DDR4 3000 with Heat Spreader. With Free RGB Keyboard & Mouse included. Read more on the official site here.
Order now to get the discount.
If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming experience with a minimalist gaming laptop with the highest clock speed and real-time performance to take on the most demanding gaming and creative tasks then Razer Blade 15 should be your best choice. The 8-Core 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10875H based processor (16 GB RAM + 512 SSD) provides the ultimate level of performance with up to 5.1GHz Max Turbo.
Order now to get the discount.
This Creative Sound BlasterX G5 is a virtual 7.1 24-bit/192kHz, 120dB USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier that delivers the ultimate headphone gaming audio experience. USB connectivity is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, PS4, and Other Consoles.


Consider buying HyperX & Audeze joint venture reproduction “HyperX Cloud Orbit Sbest planar magnetic gaming headset for professional 3D audio video gaming sounds without sound card or Dolby atmos.

If you’re interested to get the best HyperX wireless headset then both Cloud Flight S and Cloud Stinger Core with 7.1 surround sound wireless gaming headsets should be your choice.

Otherwise, the best-selling and most popular Cloud || and Cloud Alpha S should be your next PC gaming headset from your favorite brand HyperX. The price is affordable and the quality is impressive.

Now it’s very easy to pick your ultimate HyperX Headset in 2022.

Hope you loved our today’s guide.

If so please let me know by commenting and gimme a star rating below!

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