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Headphones Advice is a Website about Headphones, Earphones, Accessories, and other Audio Equipment. Single Product Review, Top Product Reviews, How-to & Guides, Price Comparisons, Deals, and Blogs. All about Headphones buying Advice here.

How do we test our headphones?

Usually, we find new headphones and earphones from online stores every day. Then we decided which headphones we pick and which aren’t. We always try to buy good-quality headphones for specific budgets and sometimes bad ones too!

It’s not possible to buy every pair of new headphones we look to online stores to make product reviews, guides, deals, and blog articles to share with you then. Even not every big publisher or blog website does not buy every single product they’re reviewing on their site.

However, still we buy new earphones and headphones when we can afford to hand-test and describe them to you in different forms on HeadphonesAdvice.com.

So you don’t need to spend your valuable time and energy to find the right Headphones or Earphones. Bookmark us on your browser for future reviews and updates.

Headphones Advice is the best place to know about the best headphones and understand the best advice. We are moving further now!

Tanmoy Kumar Shapu

About the Author:

Tanmoy Kumar Shapu: Tanmoy Kumar Shapu is the Founder of “Headphones Advice.” He is highly music enthusiast, and a former DJ & REMIXER. He loves mixing and mastering with DJ Player, Mixer, Controller, Laptop DJ equipment, accessories, and software.

Therefore, he is passionate about listening to music with headphones and then writing about the headphones for Listeners, Gamers, Musicians, Audiophiles, and Other Professionals on www.HeadphonesAdvice.com to find the best quality and price-worthy headphones for anyone.

Tanmoy Kumar Shapu with JBL Tune 750 BTNC Bluetooth Headphones
(Tanmoy Kumar Shapu with JBL Tune 750 BTNC Active Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones /2021)

Our Mission & Vision

Our main mission is to provide accurate information and useful resources and comparisons that are easy to understand to pick the right Headphones and Earphones for anyone.

We do not provide any information that is fake, irrelevant, annoying or manipulated, or even sponsored by merchants. We provide only honest reviews as per products’ overall quality.

Hope it slowly gets better and can help always those who are looking to buy new headphones, earphones, accessories, and other audio equipment from trustworthy stores and best-match products worldwide.

Yes! Keep in touch and get your best advice for headphones, earphones, and accessories!

* Check out more about our privacy policy, program disclaimer, and contact us pages.

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