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The 5 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones for Gaming: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The planar magnetic technology is the ultimate solution for frequent gamers participating in action video game playing and wanting the best quality immersive 3D audio sounds in headphones. If you are one of them, you’re in the right place to pick the best planar magnetic gaming headphones today.

The ultimate guide to choosing the best planar magnetic headphones for gamers like you. No one covered this topic without Headphones Advice because we are passionate about producing the best experience for our readers.

So what’s the best planar magnetic gaming headset should I buy?

Let’s sit tight before playing the game.

So let’s get started to find the best. 🎧

Our Top 5 Planar Magnetic Gaming Headsets Are:

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones for Gaming Reviews

1. Audeze Penrose Wireless Planar Magnetic Gaming Headphones

audeze penrose planar magnetic wireless gaming headphones

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The Best-Budget and more features enabled planar magnetic wireless headphones built for gamers. Entirely professional gaming sound with a mic for communicating with the opposite.

Audeze headphones provide mighty sound with low latency for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gaming with both wired and wireless technology for budget to high-end gaming.

Video from: Audeze
  • Wireless gaming (5.0)
  • 100 mm planar driver (2.4GHz)
  • Best-Budget planar headphones
  • Lower noise reductions

2. Audeze Mobius High-End Planar Gaming Headset

audeze mobius wireless planar magnetic gaming headset

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The design is similar to Audeze Penrose’s 100 mm planar driver, but the price is more costly. The most popular gaming headset in the gaming industry.

  • Best Alternative for MobiusAudeze LCD-GX – The Best High-end Gaming Headset ($900).

Best for theatre, high-quality video gaming, and watching movies. They provide full surround sound, which will blow your mind—a highly recommended planar magnetic gaming headset.

Video from: Hardware Canucks

  • Better sound quality
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Design for gamers
  • Expensive

3. HiFiMan Sundara Planar Magnetic Headphones under $500

HiFiMan Sundara (Best Planar Magnetic Headphones under $500)

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HiFiMan is the most popular Hi-Fi audiophile in the high-end music industry. They’ve many high-quality planar magnetic headphones, but HiFiMan Sundara is the ultimate choice when searching for gaming.

The detailed sound, clean, tight bass, and accurate sounds! The best bass reproduction and incredible sound without DAC/Amp. The best planar magnetic headphones for bass. Consider it, if you’re looking for a perfect pair of HiFiMan headphones for listening to music, gaming, mixing, and mastering.

Video from: Gaming Audio Guide
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Most comfortable
  • Best-Budget Audiophiles for Gaming
  • There are no issues

4. HyperX Cloud Orbit S Budget Planar Magnetic Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Orbit S- Planar Magnetic Gaming Headset

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It’s the upgraded version of the Audeze Mobius but with enough less price. The best part is it has a more soft, comfortable ear cushion for playing a long session. It has advanced audio customization features with a highly high-quality detachable noise-cancelling mic. The best HyperX gaming headset that price is around $300 on Amazon.

Best for PC gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch, and includes Head Tracking. The immersion of 3D sound and pure clarity. You can think about it.

Video from: Tech Space
  • Extra features available
  • Noise-canceling Mic
  • Immersion 3D audio
  • Compatible issues on the Phone

5. SIVGA P-Ⅱ Planar Magnetic Wooden Headphones

SIVGA P-Ⅱ Walnut Wood Planar Magnetic Headphones

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First impression of the design! Elegantly designed with 97 mm * 76 mm double-sided open-back planar magnetic drivers that provide extremely signature-style sound. The wood made that perfect for producing a balanced sound.

Earcups are very comfortable to fit with ears very softly, and the headband is fantastic. It sticks very well to the head. Adjustable headbands and earcups are used in protein leather to provide extra comfort for a long time of playing.

  • Big soundstage headphones
  • Best wood headphones for gaming
  • Most comfortable headphones
  • Poor noise cancellation

Planar Magnetic vs. Dynamic Drivers

Generally speaking, the Planar magnetic drivers provide a better soundstage for high-resolution audio and transparent audio quality sound for professional studio monitoring and audiophile listening with zero audio distortion. Where dynamic headphones are not! But they’re more affordable, portable, lightweight, comfortable, and provide detailed sound for all devices’ compatibility.

Currently, Audeze LCD-5 is the top-of-the-line for a huge soundstage and lighter headphones compared to other pairs of the Audeze flagship headsets in planar magnetic technology for playing anything you want from gaming to studio mixing and mastering.

However, sometimes planar magnetic headphones are uncomfortable to wear due to their heavy-weight and steel-build construction with extremely high-durable materials. As a result, they’re expensive and limited in stock. Also, most wireless headphones are built with dynamic drivers, whereas planar technology is available in a small number.

How is the Audeze Penrose different from Audeze Mobius?

Penrose is more optimized on build quality like low-latency, lossless, immersion audio, and better head tracking technology. I highly recommend Penrose for its authentic wireless sound with the new, improved technology than Mobius.

What to look for in planar magnetic gaming headphones?

For gaming, you must need open-back headphones for detailed sound. But have a bad thing, too, that more open-back headphones can leak sound, which would be a downside for realistic gaming. Closed-back headphones keep the audio close and limited to the listener, and sound circulates too.

The natural soundscape of open-back headsets is perfect for considerable, more clarity. The wood headphones give you both benefits for these. Open-back headphones are the first convent to get the best planar magnetic headphones for gaming.

Audeze is the top recommended audiophile gaming headset brand for anything you can consider shopping on their Amazon store or at the official shop here.

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Finally, We are at the end of today’s review!

I hope now you can pick the best planar headphones for your needs.

If you want ideas directly from me, which Audeze headphones are best for you from this list?

Then look at the best-budget Audeze Penrose or their latest Maxwell wireless gaming headset with microphones.

However, if you want better sound quality and a solid build, then both Sundara and Cloud Orbit S should be your choice.

And rest of the headsets are also great to go with your needs and budget.

Which planar driver headphones have you already used, and which one are you trying next?

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  1. What about Audeze Penrose vs Corsair Virtuoso XT?

    Which one will be better.
    I will use it only for gameing on the playstation for now the ps4 slim and in the future ps5.

    Or is there a better choice for playststion, it needs to be wireless tho. And for fps games with a decent mic.

    • Audeze Penrose would be best for playing with PS4 and PS5 for any FPS games you want to play as it has 3D audio immersive sound and has a decent Mic.

  2. I currently own the HyperX Cloud Orbit S but don’t feel like I am getting the best directional hearing on my Series X. Are the Penrose better because they are made specifically for Xbox? Or would the audio be about the same for the Xbox?

    • The Audeze X for Xbox One is slightly better than the HyperX Cloud Orbit S as it have immersive 3D audio video optimized sound and and better Microphone with head tracking headband for marathon gaming.

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