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The 6 Best Wireless Headphones for Audiophiles: (Reviews & Compared)

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Every audiophile loves high-fidelity (HiFi) sound reproduction to reproduce the sound of a live musical performance, typically in a room with good acoustics and musical gear.

Audiophiles like to test the limits of their audio equipment and invest in better equipment if necessary. The goal should be to be able to appreciate and enjoy high-fidelity sounds to their fullest and ultimate sound in sonic purity.

Most audiophiles prefer wired headphones because they provide better sound quality, built quality, less price, and compatibility than wireless headphones. Also, they don’t require charging, so you’re never stuck!

But with the latest advances in wireless technology such as the highest efficiency Bluetooth codecs, built-in DAC or amp, and powerful headphone drivers provide improved sound quality for audiophiles and musicians. And additionally, they can be used as wired headphones.

Tanmoy Kumar Shapu – Admin

So it makes sense the audiophile wireless Bluetooth headphones should provide better value for your money. Therefore, In this definitive guide, I’ll help you find the best wireless headphones for audiophiles and musicians, or anyone can listen to Hi-Fi music through our recommended headphones today. 🧑‍🎨

So let’s get started to find the best. 🎧

The 6 Best Wireless Audiophile Headphones

  • Ananda-BT: The Best Wireless Audiophile Bluetooth Headphones
  • Amiron: Best Audiophile Wireless Headphones for Music Quality
  • Mobius: Best Audiophiles Wireless Gaming Headset with Microphone
  • Momentum 3: Best Noise-Cancelling Audiophile Wireless Headphones
  • Deva: Best Open-Back Wireless USB Headphones for Audiophiles
  • ATH-M50xBT2: Best-Budget Closed-Back Audiophile Bluetooth Headphones

Best Wireless Headphones for Audiophiles Review

These are my top 6 picks of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for Audiophiles that you can currently find your best choice.

HiFiMan Ananda-BT Audiophile Bluetooth Headphones with stand look
HiFiMan Ananda-BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

HiFiMan Ananda-BT is the best-sounding wireless Bluetooth headphone with a built-in high-quality DAC with a balanced amplifier chip that provides up to 24bit / 192khz (USB), 24bit / 96khz HD audiophile-grade headphones with optimal audio clarity sound.

It has been developed with Qualcomm® aptX™ HD for high-resolution audio. This enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth. Also, HWA and LDAC are integrated to enable LHDC & LLAC codecs. LDAC is a proprietary audio coding technology developed by Sony, allowing you to stream Audiophile audio quality over Bluetooth connections up to 990 kbps at 32 bit/96 kHz. That’s amazing!

Sounds are identical and impressive using all of these Bluetooth profiles! A significantly better quality performance, fast response, and detailed audio with less distortion and crystal-clear sound. A very ergonomic design and super comfortable headphones to wear for a long time. And finally, the price is affordable and a value-for-money product compared to other HiFiMan headphones.

So considering Ananda-BT, you don’t need any DAC or headphones amplifier separately. Connecting your headphones is very easy, just plug a USB-Type C cable to connect your computers or mobiles or connect it to via your source Bluetooth for wire-free connection and have a 3.55mm AUX cable input as well.

Tanmoy Kumar Shapu – Admin

Let’s see the YouTube video review:

  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Full-size headphone
  • Balanced amplifier DAC
  • aptX & aptX HD
  • HWA and LDAC
  • Ergonomic open-back design
  • Comfortable earcups & headband
  • Passive noise isolation
  • Included detachable microphone
  • Durable and parts replaceable
  • Travel case & accessories include
  • Most compatible headphones
  • Less battery life
  • Poor noise isolating
  • Lacks deep bass

The Verdict:

Overall, HiFiMan Ananda-BT is the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for audiophiles to drive any HiFi music on every device, with an exceptional breed of people fascinated by pure audio. Also, it’s another way to take advantage of planar magnetic headphones in wireless technology.

beyerdynamic Amiron High End Wireless Bluetooth Audiophiles Headphones
Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Both Beyerdynamic Amrion wireless and wired versions made for high-end audiophile headphones are developed with solid build quality & premium comfort. It is engineered with powerful Tesla technology for drivers to produce an outstanding HiFi listening experience for audiophiles.

The Hi-Res Audio certified closed-back headphones are specially designed for music listening to provide high‑resolution audio files to retain all their musical details and come close to the actual concert experience and recording.

Only the Amiron Home and Copper Edition are the best Beyerdynamic headphones in wireless Bluetooth technology you can currently find in the world. They don’t have any other suitable alternative option, which I recommend!

However, Suppose you’re considering a wired connection headset for your instrumental gears, studio productions, and high-end music listening. In that case, I recommend you go with the Amiron wired version or view our top mixing and mastering headphones for all your needs.

  • Bundle Pick: “Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper Bluetooth Headphone with Wooden Headphone Stand (Bamboo Brown) – Check the current price here.”
  • High-end Tesla drivers
  • Highly customizable buttons
  • Bluetooth & Wired playback
  • Studio-quality dynamic sound
  • Balanced and personalize sound
  • MIY app compatible
  • Passive noise isolating
  • Touchpad control
  • LED indicator
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Excellent build quality
  • Super comfortable
  • There is no active noise canceling
  • Expensive

My Thoughts:

Are you looking for the best music-quality wireless Bluetooth headphones on a budget? Then Beyerdynamic Amiron is for you, without any doubt. The perfect sound quality and high-resolution music reproduction capable headphones for musicians, sound engineers, and audiophile music enthusiasts.

Audeze Mobius Premium Audiophile Wireless Gaming Headset
Audeze Mobius Wireless Multimedia Gaming Headset with Mic

Audeze Mobius is the first premium high-end planar magnetic headphones for gaming with fully immersive 3D cinematic audio and head tracking-enabled technology by WAVES Nx of severe gamers. It provides surrounding 3D gaming sound that no other video game headphones can do.

With Nx moving reference head tracking, the 3D sound is layered on top of the real world. Sounds are positioned in real space, adding a sense of presence that you can feel. No matter which direction you move, you are physically present in the music, the movie, or the game. The sound isn’t locked between your ears. You are in the sound.


Mobius comes with a flexible detachable boom microphone with built-in noise attenuation, mute/unmute functionality, and independent volume controls to provide exceptional voice quality. And it’s officially a Discord Certified headset you should consider now.

  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Waves Nx technology
  • Low-latency head tracking
  • 3D audio video gaming sounds
  • 5.1 & 7.1 Surround Sound via USB
  • Highly customizable audio settings
  • Crystal-clear call quality
  • Premium detachable boom mic
  • Ultra-comfort soft earcups
  • Audeze HQ gaming app
  • Faster response
  • All accessories available
  • Should be compatible with PS4
  • Poor-quality USB ports
  • Lower battery life
  • A bit more expensive than Penrose


Audeze Mobius is the best wireless gaming headset for audiophiles to play with PC, Macs, Consoles, and Mobiles devices. Sometimes they are not fully compatible with your PS4 or other consoles where their low-priced Penrose does. Still, when sound quality matters, the Mobius is an all-rounder and high-end can for more clarity & fidelity, less distortion, lighter weight, and overall a top-notch audiophile gaming headset for under the $500 price range.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
Sennheiser Momentum 3 Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 3 is a flagship active noise-canceling wireless Bluetooth headphones with a built-in microphone and voice assistant technology to manage your phone calls and music easily. Whatever situation you find yourself in, the MOMENTUM wireless has all the functions you need to enjoy the rich and detailed sound.

The Sennheiser Smart Control app provides three noise cancellation modes and a built-in equalizer. With innovative TILE technology, you can locate any Sennheiser Headphones when life gets complicated, so the only time you feel lost is in the music.

The best thing is that Momentum wireless headphones have been developed with genuine leather, head strap, and premium earcups to deliver superior comfort for those who like to enjoy unlimited music. Overall, it is a sturdy, durable, and compact design for traveling from one place to another.

  • 3 Active Noise Cancelling modes
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Smart Control App
  • Auto On/Off Sensor
  • Highly customizable
  • Transparent Audio
  • Superior sound
  • Noise-isolating microphone
  • Up to 17 hours of battery life
  • Premium build quality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Gorgeous design
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • NFC enabled
  • USB-C charging port
  • Premium accessories include
  • No aptX HD
  • Sound leakage on high volumes
  • Noise-canceling isn’t at a top-grade
  • Slightly expensive

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for the very best noise-canceling wireless Bluetooth headphones with audiophile-grade sound, then Sennheiser Momentum covers you perfectly. The audio quality is very good with these headphones; it is worth looking for the quality of materials or overall construction compared to all plastic headphones in this budget.

HiFiMan Deva Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
HiFiMan Deva Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

HiFiMan Deva is a great option who are hoping to listen to music wirelessly (Bluetooth MP3 player or via Computer USB ports) and comfortably.

HiFiMan Bluemini powers it, and it is engineered with Bluetooth/USB compatibility, Bluetooth receiver, DAC, and Amp to provide HiFi bass reproductive sounds. The buffer stage filter has enough power, dynamics, and detail to rival a desktop amp.

Also, you can play with TRRS 3.5mm headphone jack and socket that offer four discrete 20 dB higher power handling and maximum versatile sounds for higher bitrate music.

  • Full-size open-back headphone
  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Wider soundstage
  • Fast and accurate response
  • USB-A Bluetooth dongle
  • 3.5mm balanced sound
  • USB DAC via USB-C cable
  • HiFiMan Bluemini power amp
  • HD Bluetooth profiles
  • Built-in microphone
  • Thinner diaphragm
  • Comfortable earcups
  • Premium design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Bass lacks in higher volumes
  • Brighter highs
  • Limited controls
  • Lower battery life


HiFiMan Deva is the best-sounding planar magnetic audiophile wireless Bluetooth and wireless USB dongle headset with the ultimate sounds for audiophiles on a budget. Considering this, you don’t need to purchase an external DAC/amp or even a Bluetooth receiver to gain HiFi audio quality sounds.

Audio Technica ATH M50xBT2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 is the upgraded version of ATH-M50 for wireless Bluetooth headphones with premium studio-quality sound. Feature 45 mm large-aperture drivers in a wireless over-ear design headset for improved natural sounds, optimized vocal pickup for better call quality sounds, an updated USB-C connection for better compatibility, and a multi-device pairing mode for better switching your devices.

The best thing is battery life, up to 50 hours of wireless playtime with dual mics and beamforming technology that provides ultimate enjoyment, crystal-clear voice calls, and reliable wire-free communication with the built-in Alexa voice assistant.

You can configure your ATH-M50xBT2 to the “A-T connect app” to gain greater control of your headphones. Quickly activate low latency mode, adjust EQ, change L/R volume balance, select desired voice assistant, locate misplaced headphones, change codecs, and lots more.

  • Studio-quality headset
  • 45 mm large-aperture drivers
  • Dedicated amplifier
  • Detailed sound
  • Deep bass
  • Durable plastic
  • Low latency Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Smooth streaming and gaming
  • Dual microphones
  • Multi-device pairing
  • Crystal-clear phone calls
  • A-T Connect app
  • Up to 50 hours of battery life
  • Best-Budget Bluetooth cans
  • There is no active noise cancellation
  • No aptX or aptX HD
  • Bulky (Can break)


Finally, I highly recommend these Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 headphones, If you’re looking for the best closed-back audiophile headphones in wireless Bluetooth technology. Also, it’s an extremely affordable and highly rated Bluetooth headphone on different online stores, including Amazon.

What are Audiophile Headphones?

Audiophiles headphones are specially designed for judicious listeners to experience high-fidelity sound reproduction through their hi-fi audio gears. They like high-end audiophile headphones, speakers, portable music players, DAC or amplifiers, headphone amps, stereo amplifiers, turntables, preamps, and premium cables and accessories for an exceptional audio environment.

Are Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Good for Audiophiles?


Most of the time, it depends on your needs and budget. Usually, a pair of cheaper high-end wired headphones or studio-quality headphones are much more energetic than wireless Bluetooth headphones when sound quality matters.

But our top-pick Bluetooth headphones are fabulous as they are specially built with audiophiles in mind. Any headphones that give a remote transmission matching the recurrence of communication utilized by your Bluetooth headphones can slow down and debase sound quality.

However, this will don’t applies if you’re trying to listen to data-loaded lossless file formats like FLAC, WAV, or ALAC or 320 Kbps audio with a resolution of 44.1 kHz /16 bit to up to 9,216 kbps standard HiFi sound quality.

What is High-Res Audio?

Hi-Res audio is any audio that produces higher quality audio than a CD, and it uses at least 24 bits/96 kHz for the playback of music. And some of the studio recordings labeled HD Audio values are 44.1 kHz/24-bit, 48 kHz/24-bit, and 88.2 kHz/24-bits.

Also, the official Certified of Hi-Res specification means particular requirements for speaker and headphone performance for High-Res compressed audio formats such as MP3 and AAC audio.

Most use music streaming apps compatible list:

  • TIDAL HiFi, TIDAL PLUS — 16 Bit/44.1kHz , 24Bit/96kHz
  • Spotify — 16 Bit/44kHz or 48kHz
  • Quobuz HiFi — 16 Bit/44.1kHz
  • Deezer HiFi — 16 Bit/44.1kHz
  • Apple Music — 16-bit/44.1 kHz or 24Bit/96kHz
NOTE: This data is varied and may not be accurate, as shown here. It is subject to change anytime with the provided services and settings.

HiFiMan Ananda-BT vs. Beyerdynamic Amiron

Bottom Line
Special Feature
HiFiMan Ananda-BT design
HiFiMan Ananda-BT
Open-Back Headphones
Best for Home Use
Check Price
Bottom Line
If you’re looking for a pair of Open-Back audiophile headphones for listening to Hi-Fi music stay on home, then It’s highly recommended. Because open-backed headphones provide a better sense of electromagnetic, stereo imaging, and surround sounds than closed-back headphones
High-Resolution streaming over Bluetooth by a high-quality DAC with a powerful, balanced amplifier
There is no active and passive noise cancellation. Not ideal for travel
Special Feature
USB connection & Detachable Boom Microphone for plug and play
beyerdynamic amiron vs hifiman ananda-bt comparison
Beyerdynamic Amiron
Closed-Back Headphones
Best for Outdoor & Indoor
Check Price
Bottom Line
Closed-Back Headphones are recommended if you want to drive them both indoors and outdoors. Because they block external noise and don’t leak internal sound too. As a result, it sounds more energetic and immersive than any open-back headphones.
Extremely comfortable to wear for a long time everywhere! Better battery life and sturdy build quality headphones with the most robust sound
No LDAC Bluetooth codec is supported
Special Feature
LED integrated touchpad display with controls

Audeze Mobius vs Audeze Penrose

Bottom Line
Audeze Mobius Audiophile Gaming Headset with Microphone
Audeze Mobius
Best for video games on PC
Check Price
Bottom Line
Audeze Mobius is the first made planar magnetic headset for severe gamers who wants the best gaming audio value with a high-quality detachable boom mic USB connection to a PC. It also includes Aux and Bluetooth connections for all devices’ compatibility.
Immersive cinematic 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio over USB cable, with Head-Tracking technology and room emulation.
Lower battery life
audeze penrose planar magnetic wireless gaming headphones
Audeze Penrose
Best for consoles
Check Price
Bottom Line
Audeze Penrose is a feature-rich planar magnetic gaming headset, and it is an upgraded release than Mobius with a $100 cheaper option. They have two different versions: one for Playstation and another for Xbox. Only Penrose X will be compatible with PC.
Budget-friendly headset with detachable noise-canceling microphone for enhanced chat and streaming.
Limited compatibility

Compare Audiophile Headphones

Top Audiophile Headphones Comparisons between HiFiMan Ananda-BT vs. Beyerdynamic Amiron vs. Audeze Mobius vs. Sennheiser Momentum 3 vs. HiFiMan Deva vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Ananda-BT Amiron Mobius Momentum3 Deva M50xBT2
Preview HiFiMan Ananda BT beyerdynamic Amiron wireless headset Audeze mobius Momentum 3 ANC Deva wireless ATH
Headphones Type: Open-Back Full-Size Headphone Closed-Back Full-Size Headphone Closed-Back Surround Gaming Headset Closed-Back Noise-Canceling Headset Open-Back Full-Size Headphone Closed-Back Studio Headphone
Drivers: Planar Magnetic High-end Tesla Planar Magnetic Dynamic Drivers Planar Magnetic Dynamic Drivers
Connectivity: Wireless+Wired (USB-Type C for DAC and 3.5 mm jack for mic) Wireless+Wired (3.5mm connecting cord with 3 button controller) Wireless+Wired (Detachable microphone with separate volume control, 3.5mm audio cable, Both USB-C & USB-A cable) Wireless+Wired (3.5 mm audio cable, USB-C to USB-A & USB-C cable) Wireless+Wired (3.5mm to 6.35 mm balanced cable & 3.5mm single ended input, USB DAC via USB-C cable) Wireless+Wired (3.5mm stereo audio cable, USB-A to USB-C cable)
Bluetooth Codecs: aptX HD, HWA and LDAC aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD, AAC, SBC SBC, AAC, LDAC aptX, aptX low latency, SBC, AAC aptX, aptX-HD, LDAC, AAC LDAC, AAC, SBC
Weight: 460 g 400 g 350 g 304 g 360 g 307 g
Battery Life: 10 Hours 30 Hours 10 Hours 17 Hours 7 Hours 50 Hours
Sensitivity: 103dB 110dB 120dB 118dB 94dB 99dB
Impedance: 35 Ohms 32 Ohms 30 Ohms 100 Ohms 18 Ohms 38 Ohms
Hi-Res Audio?
Built-in DAC/amp?
Our Ratings:
Where to Buy? Buy on HiFiMan Buy on Amazon Buy on Beyerdynamic Buy on Amazon Buy on Audeze Buy on Amazon Buy on Sennheiser Buy on Amazon Buy on HiFiMan Buy on Amazon Buy on Adorama Buy on Amazon


I hope you loved today’s guide to wireless Bluetooth headphones for the best audiophiles!

Please let me know which headphones you love and which one you’re trying on next.

If not found! Let’s take a final look:

Consider HiFiMan Ananda-BT for the genuinely wireless high-performance audiophile-grade Bluetooth headphones today.

Otherwise, pick the Beyerdynamic Amiron wireless headphones for the most comfortable music-listening headset for audiophiles and musicians.

If you’re looking for an audiophile gaming headset with surround sound, then Audeze Mobius should be your choice. It is also great to watch movies, chat with friends, and communicate with teammates on various platforms like Discord or Zoom.

And the Sennheiser Momentum 3 is the best-quality active noise-canceling wireless Bluetooth headphones with stunning audio for listening to music on mobile devices. And it is also great for traveling to other places by its bigger battery life and compact case.

Think about it, If you’re looking for the best budget wireless headphones for listening to Hi-Fi music on every device you want, then HiFiMan Deva is your best bet. You can’t find any better alternatives at this price point. Check the full comparison table to make a decision.

Finally, Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 closed-back wireless Bluetooth headphones should be your choice, if you’re a studio owner or working from home. It can use them for all.

These are my top 6 picks of the best audiophile headphones for music listening and playing games with high-fidelity sound reproduction capable headphones. It would help if you considered your following audiophile headphones.

I have suggested you make an easy purchase from wherever you want (Amazon or official stores). You need to compare the prices between Amazon and their official shop, which would save you some money. Thanks!

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