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Fostex TH909 Review | Are Fostex Headphones worth it?


The Fostex is a high-quality premium headphone brand. They’ve many headphones but the Fostex TH909 is the new addition on the market.

Today, In this review I will reveal all the important questions about the Fostex TH909 Review. It’s gonna be the worst purchasing or worth the money? So let’s start with who is it for first.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for high-quality open-back headphones then It makes a lot of sense. These open-back premium stereo headphones are designed for musicians. The best bass-heavy headphones on the market.

The best headphones for recording, mixing, mastering, engineers. The most necessary gadget for musical setup.

How is the sound quality?

The sound quality of these headphones is very good than other open-back headphones. Accurate, balanced sound.

Bass, Treble, High, and other mixer channels are perfect for providing realistic sound.  Increased sound technology adjusting the acoustic circuit that’s improved sound better.

They just can recreate the lows which give a rich sound to the major of music in existence. These pairs of these headphones are passed the sound quality test for the Fostex TH909 Review.

How is the build quality of Fostex TH909?

The most amp depends quite delicate headphones of 2020. Made by “Biodyna” bio-cellulose and inorganic fiber admixture technology.

That’s improved on low frequency, natural mid-range, and especially excellent presence in high-frequency reproduction.

How does the Fostex TH909mk2 compare to other open-back headphones?

These TH909 display stage consistency inside around 10 degrees, which is extremely amazing for a powerful transducer.

Contrast this with around 20 degrees for the Sennheiser HD800s, and around 50 degrees for the Focal Utopia – comparative open upheld banner boat jars.

This is especially amazing given how low impedance the Fostex 909’s are – 300 ohms for the Sennheiser 800s, 85 ohms for the Utopia, and just 25 ohms on the 909. That could more sensitive to amp quality.

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Is Fostex TH909 easy to use?

The complete answer is YES. 1.5 Tesla 50mm driver with repulsion magnet for low distortion using with wider dynamic range.

Free packages included a detachable connector that supports the balanced connection with an optional XLR cable. Compatible with all devices.

Also, you can use their high purity Oxygen Free Copper internal wiring 7N grade cable. Another optional cables for TH900, model ET-H3.0N7BL & ET-H3.0N7UB fit the TH909 too (included).

Design & Comfort

The design of these headphones is average. I like the design, I don’t know how you feel! Soft earpads adopt a low-resilience cushion to achieve a comfortable fit and the best audio performance.

The flagship premium headphones got the final selection for this design.

Fostex TH-909 review

Image Credit: Lyova Margaryan

For professional addiction, you need comfortable headphones either they’re open-back or closed-back headphones.

So considering this, these headphones are very comfortable but the issues on durability. This headphone is not usable for a long time.

Product Features in instant look:

  • Open-backed stereo headphones with detachable cable system; optional balanced cable available
  • Detachable connection parts use rhodium plating finish offering high hardness, excellent abrasion, and corrosion resistance
  • Dual-layer etched metal structure for housing opening diversifies resonance points
  • Housing cover uses Japan Lacquer Bordeaux finish manufactured by the craftsmanship of “Sakamoto Urushi Factory” established in 1900
  • Neodymium magnetic circuitry with 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux for wide dynamic range
  • Fostex Biodyna diaphragm for fine and high-resolution sound reproduction


Driver: Dynamic, 50mm

Headphones Fit: Open-back

Impedance: 25 ohms

Sensitivity: 100dB/mW (at 1kHz, 1mW)

Frequency Response: 5Hz – 4500Hz

Max Input Power: 1,800mW

Product Weight: 390g (excluding the cable)

Cable: Detachable 3m 1/4” unbalanced stereo phone (model ET-H3.0N7UB)

Accessories: Headphone Stand (model ST300), Carrying Bag

Fostex TH909 Review Score

8.7 Total Score
Fostex TH909 Performance Score

Let's see the quality score of this open-back headphones.

8.7Expert Score
Sound Quality
Noise Cancellation
Rendering Quality
6.2User's score
Sound Quality
Noise Cancellation
Rendering Quality
  • Premium sound quality
  • Excellent build quality
  • Most comfortable
  • High price
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Are Fostex Headphones worth it?

If you’re looking for high-end, quality amp open-back headphones with strong bass, and accurate high-mid sound then Fostex makes a lot of sense.

Fostex is a very good electronics equipment brand with excellent customer satisfaction. They’ve many quality headphones in their store. But the Fostex TH909 Headphones are worth the money.


Here you can see all the important things to know before buying a new headphone. I hope you understood the quality of these headphones and what’s gonna be worst.

After that, If you are looking for cheaper headphones than Fostex TH909 then we recommend all the best studio headphones under $1000.

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